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20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me (Unless You Saw My Facebook Page)

  • Jan 28, 2014

Hi everyone! Dr. Sholar here! I was inspired by the Facebook games that went around back in the fall, and after I posted these on the staff, you all were wondering where my list was, apparently. So, after much ado, I downloaded my list right off Facebook back in November, and added it here.  I’m am such a weirdo that I have 20! (That’s because I was first asked on Facebook to make a list of 11, then another 9.)  I couldn’t weed them out, so y’all get all of them. 🙂

Here goes…

1) I probably love animals more than I love most people, and I was going to vet school (my plan since the age of 3) before I had a dream where I was told to go to med school instead. Yes, seriously.36

2) Clowns and dolls creep me out. Serious heebee-jeebees!

3) My Texas roots run deep. Both sides of my family are original Texans, and original Republic of Texas landowners, therefore I am a member of The Daughter of the Republic of Texas.

4) My dad is retired a science teacher + my mom, a retired art teacher= an artsy/sciencey, right-brain/left-brain plastic surgeon!

5) People assume I’m girly, but I was interested in dogs, cats, horses, lambs, pigs, frogs, crawfish, and little snakes more than girl stuff growing up. I have 8 dogs now, but I wish I could have all the above, along with a dachshund rescue ranch.

6) I love learning about Native American medicine and healing, as well as other ancient healing practices such as Ayurveda and Qi Gong. Fascinating!!

7) I am a Christian and I believe this world needs a spiritual awakening. That does not mean I am evangelical, regimental, fanatical, judgmental, or closed-minded. I did, however, have a staff member quit because I offended her by putting a Bible verse on our FB page. HER closed-mindedness didn’t fit in around our office.

8) Ice cream is my favorite! (Especially Bluebell Ice Cream- THE best ice cream inIcecream Me the country!) Some foods, though, give me “bad vibes”.

9) My favorite places to be on a weekend night: drawing/painting in nature, snuggled with puppies and a book on the couch, or just sitting and thinking.

10) I hate exercise, especially running. I mean HATE it. There is no such thing as a “runner’s high” with me. I do enjoy yoga, though, quite a lot.

11) I was a gymnast before my boobs came in. 🙂 I even got to train with Bela Karolyi!

12) I love cowboy boots as much as I love heels. I Love my shoes, right Susie Ballard? Besides, if your going to kick a$$ in this world you need kick-a$$ shoes!boots

13) I am 60% right brain, 40% left brain. I’m nearly ambidextrous, although I write right-handed, yet I am left-eye dominant.

14) I have a concealed weapons permit and know how to use my gun. I cannot hunt animals, though…The thought of it literally hurts me. I believe that if you do hunt, you should respect the animal and do it for nourishing yourself. Never just for the sport, then waste the meat.

15) Opera and classical music can move me to tears. So does any movie where an animal gets hurt.

16) I kiss my dogs on the lips.Pepp

17) It’s hard to get me to do things I don’t like, so I procrastinate like a ROCK STAR!

18) But, I absolutely obsess on and get perfectionistic over things I’m passionate about.

19) I love how auto parts stores smell. And tire stores. And diesel. And leather. And horse poop.

20) I am fascinated by tornadoes and waterspouts.


Alright! There it is!