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How To Hide Your Botox… Or Not!

  • Jun 2, 2016

by Dr Alina Sholar, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

I get it. Some of you don’t want anyone to know that you get Botox. Me…well, I tell everyone that I love my Botox. I’ve been treating myself with Botox for more than 10 years, and let everyone who will listen know how it has kept the lines from making themselves permanent on my face. But, I have been asked so many times for advice on how to hide the fact that a patient has gotten Botox. My standard answer is, “DON’T!” With so many these days getting Botox, my advice is to just own it as self-maintenance. But, I do get it if you don’t want to share that with the world.

I originally was writing this a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it actually evolved into a paper bag over face3useful instruction manual of sorts. While I typically want my patients to tell everyone they know about how much they love their Botox in hopes that their friends will come see me too, I get it. Some of you just won’t tell anyone, if at all possible. So, this is for you. Although I don’t advocate being sneaky or spending money you don’t have, I do acknowledge the reality we may face and the desire to keep it a secret. For the right reasons, it’s OK to keep it discrete.

Here’s how:

  1. Keep it Natural. With Botox, I can either give you a “natural” look or a “frozen” look. I rarely advocate the “frozen” look, although some women do ask for that result. Keeping it “natural” will give you a soft Botoxemergencyanti-aging. It won’t give away your secret and it really looks the most attractive. People will just think you look better, but they won’t be able to pinpoint exactly why. This is also a benefit of having ME do your Botox rather than the family doc down the street. I have been trained NOT to do a “cookie cutter” treatment with your Botox, so each person receives an individualized and customized treatment to get their optimal result. I also will not try to cheapen the price by giving you too little. I’ll be up front with you about the amount you truly need to make your results the most durable and long-lasting so you get the biggest “bang for your buck.” How do I decide how much to give you? First, based on clinical studies that demonstrate what doses work best and for the longest periods of time. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishesasps-botox these studies, so they are a trustworthy source. Second, I dose you by evaluating your own muscle movement, muscle thickness, amount of droop of an aging brow, and what your own goals are for wrinkle prevention or treatment.
  2. Plan ahead for bruising. Although most don’t bruise with Botox using my personal injection technique, if you are prone to easily bruise or you take a lot of fish oil and herbal supplements, we might not be able to prevent it altogether. The best advice is to stop taking aspirin a few weeks prior to your Botox treatment and avoid alcohol just before your treatment. Taking Arnica Montana and eating fresh pineapple just before and after your treatment has been shown to reduce swelling and minimize bruising.
  3. Maintain your Botox. Get the look you want and keep it. Regular treatments (every 3-4 months) will keep the muscles weakend so they atrophy over time. You won’t go abruptly each time from wrinkles to no wrinkles, so no one will remember that you ever had any. Following a regular Botox regimen will also mean more effective Botox treatments.
  4. Treat the Glabella. Often people want to skimp on their Botox treatment toBotox2 save money, but leaving out an area of treatment can cause muscle imbalance and an odd look. For instance, I prefer NOT to treat the forehead without the glabella (between the eyebrows). If you are only going to do one of these, then choose to do the glabella. If you don’t like the forehead lines, then you really should do both the glabella and forehead because doing the forehead alone can cause the eyebrows to be pulled down further in the middle by strong glabella muscles, actually making you look older (and weird).
  5. Don’t do it over a lunch break. When you have your treatment, you will have some slight swelling and redness at each injection site. This is normal and subsides very quickly, but you may not want to go directly back to work as people will notice. Do it on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday. (Yes, I do Saturday Botox and filler injections upon request!)
  6. Pay in Cash. If you don’t want a paper trail that may betray your secret, stockpile cash between treatments so you have the money ready to go. Or,pay-with-cash pay half in cash and half on your credit card. I even know women who get a little cash here and there by getting cash-back during their weekly grocery shopping trips when they pay with a bank card. I guess it just feels like you can fit it in your budget better if you’ve saved up the cash.
  7. Just don’t tell. If someone asks why you look so great, just say you’ll never give away your beauty secrets, but that you do come see us for skincare and relaxing treatments from time to time. If they get suspicious that you’ve had Botox, maybe just say that you certainly wouldn’t rule it out in the future when you needed it.
  8. Or you could do this… Um, NO. housewives hairdo

Fortunately these days, there’s not a lot of stigma associated with getting Botox, as it is so commonplace. However, if you still want to be discrete, we understand. One more thing! Our offices abide by HIPAA regulations, so we never share patient information- ever. So your secret is safe with us!


Dr S