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With so much emphasis on our tummies needing tucked  and breasts needing lifting, sometimes we forget about the legs, especially the area below the knee, including the ankle. Our ankles and calves are just as important as those other body parts!  They can be flirtacious without flaunting, strong and sturdy, and sometimes a little pooped […]

by Dr Alina Sholar, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon I get it. Some of you don’t want anyone to know that you get Botox. Me…well, I tell everyone that I love my Botox. I’ve been treating myself with Botox for more than 10 years, and let everyone who will listen know how it has kept the lines […]

Visually journaling your way to healing. As I discussed in the previous blog about written journaling, the process of decision-making, preparation, and recovery from Plastic Surgery can be a real emotional and physical rollercoaster many find themselves inadequately prepared to handle. Journaling your experience has been shown to have emotional and medical benefit that speeds […]

by Dr Alina Sholar, MD Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Every summer, bathing suit-loving Texas lakegoers and beachcombers get ready to reveal themselves. While there is no substitute for eating a healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to weight loss and toning, many may need a little nipping and tucking to get rid of their […]

Writing for recovery, discovering healing power of words. I know. I know. Yada yada… everyone’s talking about journaling. So, why am I wholeheartedly recommending this as a part of your pre-op and post-op Plastic Surgery journey? It works. Plastic Surgery, even from the inital spark of an idea that you are considering it, along the […]

I am PROCLAIMING this LOVE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL WEEK!! DAY #6 To Love Yourself, Allow For Space For Joy: Try a Galentine instead of a Valentine! Have you ever seen a trampoline in a neighbor’s back yard and remembered the joy you felt bouncing away for hours on one just like it when you were a […]

I am PROCLAIMING this LOVE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL WEEK!! DAY #4  You are your own definition of beauty. You are beautiful. I know because I made you. –God.   Here’s a sad fact: More than half of American women are unhappy with their bodies, according to one survey, with the most bothersome body parts being waists, […]

I am PROCLAIMING this LOVE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL WEEK!! DAY #3 Unconditionally Love Yourself A sweet patient of mine said to me once, “You are a miracle-worker! You gave me the most wonderful gift—you gave me back the gift of myself.” I replied to her, “You were already a beautiful woman, I just helped you see it!” So many […]

I am PROCLAIMING this LOVE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL WEEK!! DAY #2 Let Go Of Comparison God tells us, “If you knew yourself as I know you, you could not help but fall in love with yourself.”  So why do we still struggle with self punishing thoughts of comparing ourselves to other women? If you base your […]

Dr. Sholar Named 2014 Ultherapy Ultra Treatment Provider We are proud to announce that Ultherapy has awarded us as a 2014 Ultherapy Ultra Treatment Provider. Our patients have had great success with Ultherapy … the only non-invasive procedure FDA-approved to lift skin on the neck, chin and brow. With Ultherapy, there’s no downtime, no foreign substances, […]