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VECTRA 3D Imaging System

VECTRA® 3D is an advanced imaging technique that allows both patient and   surgeon to preview the results of a specific plastic surgery procedure before   surgery is performed, bringing patient consultations to a whole new level.

VECTRA® 3D imaging ensures:

  • Clear Expectations are achieved using a 3D image of the patient’s body and 3D models of saline and gel implants.
  • Accurate measurements of the breasts are recorded, helping your surgeon choose   the appropriate implants for your body.

Using Sculptor™ software, the patient is able to view the prospective results of   their procedure from all angles, allowing for a thorough analysis of their   simulated post-surgery body.  The simulation of the procedure can be fully   customized by the surgeon using this technology, ensuring that the patient will   be satisfied after surgery.

First, 3D images of the targeted body area are photographed with the Vectra 3D   camera.  It’s just like taking a normal photograph.  Then Sculptor software   allows the surgeon to simulate the expected results of procedures such as breast   augmentation, body contouring, rhinoplasty, cleft lip and palate surgery and   more.

At Sholar Center, we are  proud to offer the most advanced 3D imaging technology currently available as a   beneficial service to all of our patients.  We understand the hesitation many   patients experience before deciding to undergo plastic surgery, as they worry   about the outcome of their procedure.  Now, you can accurately visualize the   results of your procedure before making your final decision.

If you are thinking about plastic surgery, we encourage you to schedule a   consultation so that you can visualize the results of your procedure with Vectra 3D.