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Pearl Skin Rejuvenation

Pearl Rejuvenation

Pearl Renews Skin’s Surface with Significantly Faster Results

Do you look in the mirror and look older than you are or feel? We can help! Our Cutera Pearl laser therapy for wrinkles and sun damaged skin is the safest and most effective treatment on the market for restoring the skin’s youthful glow. Pearl is the “one laser to choose” to renew your skin’s surface with less downtime than today’s other technologies. The Pearl treatment, also called a “thermal peel,” is being described by doctors as a more advanced, controlled, safer, contemporary version of the chemical peel.

This laser therapy for wrinkles does it all; it combines the effectiveness of a resurfacing laser with the gentleness of a non-invasive procedure.

The Pearl Laser is a Safe “Thermal Peel”

The Pearl laser addresses all common skin care concerns:

  • Reduces fines lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes uneven texture and skin discoloration
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Reduces pore size

Pearl Rejuvenation

Pearl Benefits:

  • Full face treatments with the ability to treat the entire epidermis
  • Natural dressing protects skin post treatment, alleviating the need for wound care
  • 15 – 20 minute procedure time
  • 1 – 2 treatments
  • 4 – 5 days of social downtime (in most cases)
  • Thermal collagen stimulation

Pearl is the first FDA-cleared laser with a 2790nm wavelength for the treatment of wrinkles and is the only treatment offering full epidermal turnover with truly low impact “social” downtime and no wound care.

The Pearl laser therapy for wrinkles and sun damaged skin works to smoothen the skin by:

  • Treating the top layer of skin with pulses of laser light
  • The laser provides long term benefits by sending heat to the deeper layers of skin
  • The top layer of skin then forms a dressing to help the skin heal quicker
  • This layer will peel on the third or fourth day and reveal the new layer of youthful, healthy and vibrant skin.
  • Ideal candidates are patients with light to medium skin tones with mild to moderate sun damage
  • Treatments usually last about 15 minutes
  • Social downtime, meaning the time it takes to fully recover from the procedure, is generally three to four days.

The Pearl procedure is ideal for patients of almost any age searching for a safe and uncomplicated way to restore the skin’s youthful look and feel in only one or two treatments. It is the answer for patients who want quicker results and less downtime than other procedure available today, which normally require 4 – 6 treatments each spaced one month apart and up to 18 days of total downtime. Generally patients will need one to two treatments to see results.

You can also mix this Pearl laser therapy for wrinkles with other laser procedures as well as with Botox or facial fillers like Juvederm!

Pearl Fusion

This really is “having your cake, and eating it, too!” This laser technique is a great way to target the deeper, more stubborn lines, but still with a shorter social downtime!  We will use the Pearl laser over the full face, and add the Pearl Fractional Laser to treat crow’s feet and around the mouth. You will love these results!