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Summer Bodies Are Made RIGHT NOW!

  • Feb 22, 2016

by Dr Alina Sholar, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Every summer, bathing suit-loving Texas lakegoers and beachcombers get ready to reveal themselves. While there is no substitute for eating a healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to weight loss and toning, many may need a little nipping and tucking to get rid of their trouble spots before they get in that itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polkadot-bikini.

The good news is, there are more options than ever to help men and women look summer bodiestheir best in their swimsuits, and NOW IS THE TIME to start tightening and toning anything and everything from the breasts and buttocks to the waist and arms!

No More Muffin-tops or Belly Bulge!

While some people will find success in the gym, many will be left feeling defeated when their trouble area does not respond well to diet and exercise. So for many others, this may mean considering liposuction, which can remove those areas of exercise resistant, diet resistant bulges of fat that are not so flattering at pool side. I start to see many men and women in the spring months who are looking for a solution to their trouble areas in time for summer.

Liposuction can get rid of stubborn love handles, hip rolls, and muffin tops to sculpt the waistline beautifully. Liposuction techniques have advanced to allow for quicker recovery and even greater safety. Although there are many new techniques such as laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction, the ultimate result depends upon the good judgment of the surgeon and the use of small tubes or cannulas to remove the fat in a precise and predictable manner. I use a safe and “tried and true” procedure to permanently and reliably get rid of unwanted fatty bulges and give an impressive result. Liposuction can be used to remove fat deposits from various parts of the body including the abdomen, hips, thighs and knees; all parts of the body that often don’t respond well to traditional diet and exercise.

The waist is very liposuctionable, which is something that many patients don’t realize. It can give you an hourglass shape, especially when combined with suctioning of the hip rolls and abdominal liposuction and etching. With this combination of procedures, the entire circumference of the waist is sculpted and ready to show off on the beach or in the latest fashion. It can even make the buttocks look more rounded and shapely when sculpting is done above them.

Abdominal etching involves the removal of excess fat in between the abdominal muscles, and in doing so creates indentations that give the appearance of a defined stomach- six-pack abs. We have the patient contract the muscles and I can feel where the natural lines of indentation are.  Of note, this is an option only for individuals with a total body fat is less than 18%.

Abdominoplasty is another common get-ready-for-summertime procedure. More EM Abdominoplastycommonly known as a tummy tuck, men and women visit me to undergo abdominoplasty to achieve a firm, slender midsection. A tummy tuck is designed to tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess fat and skin. In some cases, liposuction may be used in conjunction with abdominoplasty for optimal results. It is also commonly done in combination with breast augmentation or lift, also known as the “Mommy Makeover”.

Armed and Ready!

Summer is the time for sleeveless tops and dresses, so many will look to liposuction to help create a more defined look here as well.

Today plastic surgeons can create finely chiseled, muscular arms by using liposuction around the deltoid area especially, as well as the backs of the arms. The downtime is about 7 to 10 days. There will be minimal bruising. By 2 weeks, you can see some improvement, and improvements will continue for up to 3 months.

While liposuction of this area is an option for individuals with a little bit of excess, the more invasive total arm lift may benefit people with larger areas of fat and skin underneath the arms.  Arm rejuvenation or brachioplasty has increased in popularity due to more weight loss surgery being done. People who lose massive amounts of weight tend to have significant amounts of skin hanging under their arms even after weight loss.

Beautiful Bosoms and Bums

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to breast implants these days. Women now want more natural looking and feeling breasts and want to be known AUG1for their personalities, not just their breasts. We want to create a harmonious look that balances your breasts in proportion with your body. Better implants available now also contribute to looking the most feminine and natural.

Now is definitely the time to get breast enhancement for summer!

With breast augmentation, you should be back to full activity within a month, and that includes swimming and paddleboarding. However, it may take a few months for the implants to “settle” and look their best. So, if you are considering this procedure, let’s consult on it NOW.

Besides breasts, the other area that a beathing suit highlights is the buttocks. Buttock fat grafting (a.k.a. the “Brazilian Butt Lift”) can certainly improve the look of the buttocks. Fat grafting involves taking fat from an area of the body where it is plentiful, such as the legs or stomach, and implanting it where it is lacking, such as in the buttocks. Your activity is limited for four to six weeks afterward and you will have to refrain from sitting in one position for too long. This keeps the fat cells as healthy as possible, and your result is as good as possible.

Shaveless Summer

Laser hair removal is the best thing out there for removing unwanted hair. You’ll need around 6 treatments, each separated by a month, so definitely start right now. The timing of treatments is very important to getting great results, so you’ll want to plan ahead. You could start to see results after the first or second treatment. Another important aspect to Laser Hair Removal is that you have the correct type of laser used and that the treatment is being done by an experienced expert in aesthetic laser procedures. A cheap laser (usually indicated by a super-cheap price), the wrong wavelength of device for your skin type, or an inexperienced technician can have terrible consequences or at least give you poor results. Rest assured, that in our hands, you get all the best possible!

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