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Welcome to a very special practice in plastic surgery. I have a unique “boutique” practice, where we strive to care for our patients above and beyond what other practices typically offer, with longer appointment times, closer and more personal pre- and post-op care, a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and the ability to treat patients’ concerns from a more global wellness and anti-aging perspective. You can choose from one of two convenient, cozy, and comfortable locations in the Austin area.

You will first experience my warmth and expertise as you are introduced to my amazing staff.  From the cozy décor, to the friendliness of the office staff, you will find this is much more than the typical medical office, and feels more like a luxurious and lush spa.

During your comfortable  surgical consultation you can expect to first meet our Surgical Concierge, Kristin, who will escort you to your private consultation studio.  I will then meet with you to discuss your concerns.  I will outline for you the plan of treatment, even using my drawing skills to help you understand the procedure. The advantages, disadvantages and alternatives of each approach will be reviewed with you and you will have every opportunity to have your questions answered to your satisfaction. This initial visit is an information and planning session, which will allow you to decide if plastic surgery is right for you. I will go over what to expect after the surgery and plan your follow up care. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your choice to proceed with surgery, or any other procedure we offer.

Next, you will remain with Kristin,  my Surgical Concierge, who will guide you through the financial consultation and scheduling process. At your initial consultation you will be given a written estimate of any applicable fees, and the opportunity to schedule your surgery, if you wish. Financing information is also available.


Please contact us at either of my locations to schedule an appointment.

-In the Lakeway/Bee Cave/Steiner area, call Sage & Sweetgrass Wellness Spa at 512-436-8018.

-In Austin, call Serenity Creek MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Center at 512-419-0303.

Scheduling an initial consultation requires credit card confirmation and will cost $100. Your credit card will not be charged until you come in for your consultation, and will be applied as a credit toward your surgery.

If you do not arrive for the consultation or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged to your credit card. Every effort is made by our offices to remind you of your appointment, but it is still your responsibility.

Charging $50 for a consultation and our 24 hour cancellation policy has benefitted our patients because it has reduced our no show and last minute cancellation rate that is prevalent in the field of cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgeons choose to rectify this problem by double booking their schedule, however we feel this could result in you feeling rushed during your consultation or treatment. By adhering to our policy, we are able to secure that time slot to meet your needs.